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    • Extensive feature film experience in visual effects animation, screenwriting, pitching, voice acting.
    • Nominated for a British Academy Award (BAFTA)
    • Visual effects artist on six Academy Award-nominated films
 Awards & Nominations:

Feature Film Visual Effects Employment:
  • Senior Visual Effects Artist, Digital Domain
    • Black Sky          – FX artist (tornados)
    • Iron Man 3       – FX artist (Extremis effect development, also some explosion & thruster shots)
  • Senior Visual Effects Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks
    • The Amazing Spider-Man        – FX artist (Webs, destruction)
    • Arthur Christmas                      – FX artist (Dust & Magic dust)
    • Green Lantern                          – FX artist (Central battery beam, ring beams, Tomar Re's contstruct)
    • G-Force                                     – FX artist (Destruction, dust)
    • Valkyrie                                     – FX artist (Hitler assassination attempt explosion)
    • Hancock                                    – FX artist(Destruction)
    • I Am Legend                             – FX artist(Explosions)
    • Spider-Man 3                            – FX Animation Lead (Led "rebel" Sandman team & Glider Fx team)
    • Ghost Rider                               – FX Artist (Smoke effects)
    • Monster House                          – FX Artist (Constance' "spirit cloud" at end)
      • [Narnia nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects, 2006]

  • Effects Animator, Stan Winston Studio
    • Fantastic Four – Lead FX Artist (invisibility & force field effects)

  • Effects Animator, DreamWorks Feature Animation
    • Shark Tale – FX animator (Oscar's lava lamp, bubbles and ripples)
      • [Shark Tale nominated for an Academy Award for best animated feature, 2005]

  • Visual Effects Artist, Rhythm & Hues studios
  • Visual Effects Animator, Digital Domain
  • Visual Effects Animator, Screenwriter & Voice Actor, Sony Pictures Imageworks
    • The ChubbChubbs! (short film) – Screenwriter (also performed the voice of the ChubbChubbs characters)
      • ["The ChubbChubbs!" won the Academy Award for best animated short, 2003, also was nominated for BAFTA, 2003]
    • Spider-Man FX Animation Lead (Green Goblin glider smoke)
      • [Spider-Man nominated for an Academy Award for special effects, 2003]
    • Hollow Man FX Animation Lead, (muscles in invisibility transformation sequences)
      • [Hollow Man nominated for an Academy Award for special effects, 2001]
    • The Astronaut’s Wife Procedural animation (the “lightning alien”)
    • Random Hearts CGI artist (airplane)
    • Stuart Little – CGI Lighting Artist (mouse brushing teeth and gargling shots)
      • [Stuart Little nominated for an Academy Award for special effects, 2000]

  • Screenwriter & Background Voice Actor, Pentafour Studios
  • Technical Director & Scratch Voice Actor, Walt Disney Feature Animation
    • Tarzan CGI water, look development and rendering
    • Dinosaur Scratch voice actor
    • Kingdom Of The Sun – (Later retitled "The Emporer's New Groove") Visual development
    • Hercules – Look Development, CG lighting & rendering for the Hydra character

Screenwriting, Pitching, Story Development & Voice acting:

  • Pitched, wrote treatments, original screenplay & voiced characters for The ChubbChubbs
  • Wrote screenplay to Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists, all CGI feature film released by Trimark, 2000
  • Performed background voices for Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists
  • Performed scratch voice for character of Kron in Disney’s Dinosaur.
  • Pitched feature film story ideas to Walt Disney Feature Animation, Sony Pictures Animation & DreamWorks


  • Master of Science,  The Ohio State University
    • Major: Computer science, specialization in computer graphics.
  • Bachelor of Science, The Ohio State University
    • Major: Computer graphics & animation, minor in Philosophy.

Other Experience/Skills:

  • Animator and co-founder, Jamination Animation, Inc.
    • Created scoreboard animations for Madison Square Garden, NY Yankees, Chicago Bulls, others
  • Scoreboard Animator, Manager of Ohio State University Scoreboard Staff
    • Created animations for matrix scoreboards in football stadium & basketball arena. Created animation ideas, gags, pitched animation ideas to sponsors
  • Extensive experience with: Houdini, Maya, Renderman, Python, VEX, Mel, Perl

TRIATHLONS I've competed in: TRIATHLONS I came in last place or near-last place in:
  • Um, all of them.

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